A Different Kind of Running Camp

I've always felt like a camp should be more than just doing the same thing you could do on your own. It should be a learning experience where you take something away from the time you have at camp. Each day you glean a little more knowledge than you had before from the counsellors, coaches, and leadership and ultimately leave with a greater understanding of the activity you went to camp for, in this case, running. It's not to say that the experience of making new lifelong friends or running new trails shouldn't be a richly rewarding aspect of camp but the knowledge of the camp directors and teachers should tip the balance from "that was a great week with good friends" to "that was sooo worth it and I'd do it again in a heartbeat".

This camp is made for high school athletes that like running through the woods. If you've gotten a taste of off road running through cross country, but never really connected with track and field, this camp is for you. You know who you are. Maybe you're just looking to add a little more adventure to your run or be more confident out on the trails. This camp is for you.


Max and Kari