For several years I've been wanting to put together a running camp for youth focused on trail running and the skills required to be self sufficient in the forest and mountains. Really just to be comfortable taking off on a trail with no particular destination in mind but with the knowledge not to get lost and to come back in one piece. 

So, this year we're finally making it happen. A true trail running camp that doesn't just take you out for some guided trail runs but actually teaches you more than you ever thought you needed to know about being outdoors. You'll take away from this camp not only memories of great trail runs with new friends but skills in map reading and navigation to find your way back to your car, how our trails are made and maintained (through hundreds of hours of volunteer service and good trail building knowledge), and an appreciation for our forests as stewards of wilderness and trails from wherever you hail from. 

If this sounds like it's going to be awesome, sign up, come out to Suttle Lake in June and hang out with us for the week. 

Max and Kari