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Through a generous grant from Salomon Sports we are offering the experience of a lifetime for a select group of youth. This camp is by application only and no cost to chosen applicants. 

This experience is reserved for youth for communities and personal environments where getting into the outdoors is difficult, if not impossible, due to financial, personal, or other factors. We want to provide the unique experience of a weekend outside, running trails, and learning skills in a fun supportive environment. 



Why YOU should apply!

Do you like to run? Have you thought about running on trails and getting out into nature, but have never really had much of a chance? Does the idea of spending a few days running with some great people, in one of the most beautiful areas in the world, sound like an incredible weekend? Well, you may be in luck! We have been given a grant by the Salomon Sports Company to host a trail running camp for a select group of young athletes. This non-competitive, fun, educational and inclusive environment will create a weekend of lifelong memories. You will run in amazing places, learn running and outdoors skills including trail running techniques, nutrition, strength building and injury prevention, map and compass skills, and other trail running and wilderness topics. If your personal circumstances (financial or otherwise) have prevented you from pursuing this type of experience, we encourage you to submit an application to camp. Those selected will be provided with lodging, meals, and countless adventures, all at no cost to the participants. We are looking forward to sharing an experience of a lifetime with you…this is going to be fun!



Please complete the following application to be considered for one of our spots. If you would like, feel free to get creative with your application and use a video, art project, or some other method to communicate this information to us. That is by no means a requirement; so only get creative if you prefer that method. You can also indicate a friend/teammate (or a couple) that you would like to attend along with you so that we can take that into consideration as well. Then mail, email, or fill out the online application and send it back to us.





The Hutchinson Lodge will be our base for the week as we run the surrounding trails, explore with new friends, and learn new skills.



Our Location - Donner Summit near Lake Tahoe  offers access to some of the most spectacular trails and ecosystems in the country. Situated on the northern end of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range it is a beautiful area.  Working with the Forest Service we've put together a week full of learning and running. From stunning mountain views to outdoor lessons on navigation, wilderness safety, and geology we'll explore the Sierra Nevada Mountains. 


Camp Amenities - The Hutchinson Lodge is a quaint rustic lodge tucked amongst the forest near the top of Donner Summit. Exceptional trail opportunities lead right from the front door. We want you to immerse yourself in the wilderness while at camp. This is a rustic lodge in the woods. Lodging amenities will be sparse. You'll be in shared rooms with fellow campers with sleeping on a simple mattress. Hot meals and showers are provided. While you'll have a bed and roof over your head, there will be no cellular reception. We hope this will provide you with a relaxing and distraction free week. We feel this brings a more authentic experience to a few days spent out in the woods. 


The Daily Schedule – Just getting runs on beautiful trails every day is the easy part and you could do that anywhere, anytime. We want you to get something out of this camp you can take home and put to good use in your own running, that’s why we’ll be teaching technical running form, downhill trail running, nutrition guidelines, trail building skills, how to put together a trail training plan, trail etiquette, and more. 


How To Prepare - We want you to enjoy your time at camp and one of the ways to do that is to come prepared. While this is a camp for all abilities, there are some strenuous activities that will test your limits no matter who you are. The stronger you come in, the more fun you'll have. 


What To Bring - Your packing list should include the basics without much fluff. In other words, you won't need the kitchen sink. 


LOCATION – Donner Summit, CA
ELEVATION – 7,200ft
CREW – 5


Trail Running
Trail Maintenance
Nutrition Planning
Map Reading
Compass Use
Wilderness Preparation
Trail Etiquette                              


To Bring List
Tentative Camp Schedule
How to Prepare



What to expect at a week of the Max King Trail Running Camp

  • Guided runs on varying terrain and distance on a different trail every day

  • Instruction in trail running form, nutrition, strength and conditioning, run recovery, map and compass navigation, wilderness ethics

  • A day of trail maintenance and instruction in forest stewardship

  • To push your limits both physically and mentally and learn how to push yourself further than you thought possible

  • Delicious and healthy homemade meals prepared by our incredible chef

  • A swag package that will make you think it's your birthday, but better (Salomon, GU, Swiftwick, Flora, Black Diamond)

  • Comfortable but rustic lodging in bunk style rooms

  • Gather around the evening camp fire to roast marshmallows and recount the stories of the day

  • A sunset run to share an inspiring moment with fellow campers

  • A map and compass workshop and mini orienteering event to hone your new skills

Included in your camp fees:

  • Amazing healthy homecooked meals starting with lunch on your arrival day and breakfast on your departure.

  • Guided trail runs on a different spectacular trail every day

  • Map and Compass tools from Suunto for our navigation workshop

  • A swag bag from Salomon and Swiftwick that will outfit you with some of the best products for trail running

  • Nutrition products from GU for all runs during the week

  • Transportation to/from runs and events from Thursday morning through Sunday morning

  • Camp seminars on nutrition, running form and technique, forest stewardship, trail maintenance, and more

  • An epic adventure that you didn't know you had in you

  • Comfortable but rustic accommodations in open bunk style rooms with other campers

  • An incredible once in a lifetime trail camp experience


Transportation from Friday afternoon through Monday morning is included during camp. Transportation to and from camp on Friday and Monday will be available to limited locations. 

Vans will be departing from TBD Aug 31 for camp at Donner Summit.  Depending on flights we may be able to accommodate an airport pick up from the Reno/Tahoe Airport as well. 

Coming on your own? 

Driving directions from points West (California, I-80W)

  • Follow I-80 and take exit 174 (Donner Pass Rd) for Soda Springs

  • Go 4mi up Donner Pass Rd until you see the Clair Tappan Lodge. Parking is on the Right. Park here for Hutchinson Lodge.

Driving directions from the East (Nevada, I-80E)

  • Follow I-80 and take exit 174 (Donner Pass Rd) for Soda Springs

  • Go 4mi up Donner Pass Rd until you see the Clair Tappan Lodge. Parking is on the Right. Park here for Hutchinson Lodge.

Flying in? The closest airport is the Reno/Tahoe Airport (RNO) 60min away with daily service to a number of large hubs. The closest large airport is Sacramento (SMF) about 2hrs away. 

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Your child's safety is our most important camp priority. With that in mind we'll create a safe environment for our campers from the time they meet us on the first day to when they leave camp. We will be in wilderness and remote settings but runs will be set up so that in case of sudden weather events we can reach shelter and relative safety as quickly as possible.  Our staff has Wilderness First Aid, CPR, SafeSport and other coaching certifications to be prepared in case of emergency. 


Our Crew

The perfect team — Experience, knowledge, and a desire to teach youth exemplifies a top notch group of counselors.



Max King, Co-Director

Max has done a little bit of everything. From the roads and the track to trails and mountains he enjoys the sport of running and want to pass on what he's learned over the years. He's excited to share his experiences and knowledge in a small camp setting and instill a passion for adventure.

He lives in Bend, OR with his wife and two adventurous kids. He has multiple world championship titles and has run on trails all over the world with some of his favorite trails right here in Oregon.


Kari Strang, Co-director

Kari brings a passion for coaching youth that is seldom surpassed. She has been coaching youth running through Junior Olympics, middle school programs, and CORK programs for over 6 years.

She's the "heart" of the team. Helping our campers feel that connection to running, the earth, and wilderness during their time at camp.

She resides in Bend, OR and you can usually find her on some new running adventure, stretching the bounds of her comfort in the wilderness.


Melanie M, Chef

Melanie is the camp organizer/chef extraordinaire. As former Pilot Butte Drive-In owner, Footzone Business manager there is nothing that Melanie can't do.

She'll be providing nutritious homemade meals for campers during the week and making sure they have food that will fuel their adventures during the week and impress a healthy lifestyle. If you have special needs, she is the master. She will take care of you if you have dietary restrictions.


Sarah Bard

Sarah is originally from Maine and has been running around outside since she was very young – more formally since middle school. While she primarily races on the roads, she spends most weekends on the trails - hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, as well as running. Sarah loves being outside and spending time in the backcountry and is constantly learning with each new challenge and adventure.

After living and running in numerous cities and towns across the country (and beyond), she has recently settled in Seattle and is spending most of her free time in the Cascades and exploring the city on foot.


Aaron Newell

Aaron is our resident adventure addict bringing a youthful exuberance to camp that is hard to find (I think it's the result of his love of sugar though) He's a runner as well as a climber and has some pretty impressive adventure stories that you can ask him about while at camp. He is Wilderness Responder certified and will be taking care of your bumps and bruises. Aaron resides in Missoula, MT and you'll usually find him running and scrambling one of the nearby peaks.