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Olympic Valley, Tahoe, CA          September 20th - 23th

12 spots available. $1100 until March 1st, $1300 after March 1st


Trail Running Camp

An all-ages and abilities trail running camp experience designed to bring a complete awareness and comfort to your time in the wilderness. We've designed all of the runs to be taken at your own pace and ability. We want you to learn the in's and out's of trail running, how to stay safe deep in the mountains, and find that deeper connection to the world around you where it fits with you. 

Trail running technique, the importance of forest stewardship, healthy nutrition on and off the run, trail maintenance training and impact, trail etiquette, map reading and navigation skills will all be taught, providing the foundation for this impactful, awe inspiring week. Come join us and see for yourself.

Olympic Valley, CA will be our base for the week as we explore the surrounding trails, push your limits, and learn to be at one with the wilderness.

It was well thought out and a ton of fun to explore all the trails. It kind of made me feel like a kid again being “at camp” and I came away with more knowledge about map, compass, wilderness in general and trail work.
— Leif


Our Location -  Olympic Valley near Lake Tahoe offers access to some of the most spectacular trails and ecosystems in the country. Situated on the northern end of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, it is a truly beautiful area.  Working with the Forest Service we've put together a week full of learning and running. Your days will be filled with the best trails in the Tahoe area.

From stunning mountain views to outdoor lessons on navigation, wilderness safety, and geology we'll explore the Sierra Nevada Mountains together. 


Food and Meals - All meals will be prepared in house and made from scratch by our wonderful chef Melanie. Meals are an amazing variety of fresh vegetables, meats, and dishes that all runners crave after a depleting day in the mountains. She is very flexible and willing to work with anyone with food allergies or dietary restrictions of (almost) any kind. 

Run nutrition will be taken care of by GU. The premier choice for endurance athletes worldwide. 


Camp Amenities -  We have upped our game this year and while we want you to immerse yourself in the wilderness while at camp, this is decidedly not a rustic lodge in the woods. We will be staying in a beautiful house located in Olympic Valley within walking distance to Squaw Valley Resort. You'll be sharing a room with 2-4 fellow campers.  We will ask that you minimize your wifi connection during the week as well. We hope this will provide you with a relaxing and distraction free week. We feel this brings a more authentic experience to a few days spent out in the woods. 



LOCATION – Olympic Valley, CA
ELEVATION –6,400ft
CREW – 5
CAMPERS – 12-15
TRAILS – The Best of Tahoe


Trail Running
Trail Maintenance
Nutrition Planning
Map Reading
Compass Use
Wilderness Preparation
Trail Etiquette                              


To Bring List
Tentative Camp Schedule


What to expect at the Max King Trail Running Camp:

  • Guided runs on varying terrain and distance on a different trail every day
  • Instruction in trail running form, nutrition, strength and conditioning, run recovery, map and compass navigation, wilderness ethics, 
  • A day of trail maintenance and instruction in forest stewardship 
  • To push your limits both physically and mentally and learn how to push yourself further than you thought possible 
  • Delicious and healthy homemade meals prepared by our incredible chef
  • A swag package that will make you think it's your birthday, but better (Salomon, GU, Swiftwick, Flora, Black Diamond)
  • Comfortable but rustic lodging in bunk style rooms
  • Gather around the evening camp fire to roast marshmallows and recount the stories of the day
  • A sunset run to share an inspiring moment with fellow campers
  • A map and compass workshop and mini orienteering event to hone your new skills
  • The ability to disconnect from the world. We encourage very limited to no cell phone and wifi usage while at camp

There really is no typical day at camp. Each day is unique and special in itself.