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The area of Northern California is a wild awesome wilderness and we want to explore it with you. Camps this season will be based in Mt Shasta. Ridgeline running, big mountains, and serene rivers are all in store for this year’s camps. Sign up today!

Not all kids have the chance to experience the outdoors, but nine young runners got the opportunity to explore and run for a week in the Tahoe Wilderness with the Max King Trail Running Camp. As one of the young runners said about the trip "That's what's beautiful about trail running, you will never know where you will go or end up.

I expected to learn a lot and become a better runner, but I never could’ve expected the wonderful friends, beautiful views, or confidence in my running this camp would give me.
— Sydney


A unique camp experience designed to further ignite your passion for trail running, while bringing a complete awareness and comfort to your time in the wilderness. Trail running, forest stewardship, nutrition, trail maintenance, trail etiquette, map reading and navigation skills will be taught, providing the foundation for this impactful, awe inspiring week. Come join us and see for yourself..

Max King

Trail Running Camp

It's been a dream of mine to put together a running camp focused on the fun aspects of trail running and also provide the skills required to be self sufficient in the forest and mountains. Really, just to be comfortable taking off on a trail with no particular destination in mind but with the knowledge of how to do it safely and enjoyably.

I've always felt like a camp should be more than just doing the same thing you could do on your own. It should be a learning experience where you take something away from the time you have at camp.

So, we finally made it happen. A true trail running camp that doesn't just take you out for some guided trail runs, but actually teaches you more than you ever thought you needed to know about being outdoors. You'll take away from this camp not only memories of great trail runs with new friends but skills in map reading and navigation to find your way back to your car, how our trails are made and maintained (through hundreds of hours of volunteer service and good trail building knowledge), and an appreciation for our forests as stewards of wilderness and trails from wherever you hail from. Each day you glean a little more knowledge than you had before from the counsellors, coaches, and leadership and ultimately leave with a greater understanding of the great outdoors.

We're also passionate about passing on our knowledge to the next generation and giving them the opportunities that we have in train running. That is why we also offer our youth running camp geared toward all abilities ages 15-20 years old. This camp is made for high school athletes that like running through the woods. If you've gotten a taste of off road running through cross country, but never really connected with track and field, this camp is for you. You know who you are.

Both camps are designed for all abilities so that you can go at your own pace and learn to enjoy whats surrounds you when you're in the wilderness. That said, your experience at camp will be more enjoyable coming in fit and healthy. Campers should plan to travel by foot for several hours at a time over rugged terrain in a variety of conditions. Through a non-competitive atmosphere we want you to focus on the enjoyment of running, but to also push your limits.

I really enjoyed the camp. It had everything and more that I was expecting!
— Courtney D.

The camp is to help foster a level of comfort and independence while running trails in remote areas through education in map reading and navigation and to provide a level of understanding about forest issues and trail maintenance through hands on work. 

Our over-arching goal is to create capable trail runners and stewards with a lifelong love of nature. 



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Max explains his mission for the camp, why he decided to put it together, and why you should come. 

Camp Locations

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Imagine a remote and rustic cabin high in the mountains on a mountain lake as your base of operations with hundreds of seamless miles of trails leaving right from your back door. We choose each location with a purpose in mind; areas of extreme beauty, miles of singletrack trails, and meccas of endurance trail running. Everyday a new running adventure with spectacular views of ridges, snow capped peaks, and crystal clear mountain streams awaits. In the evening, after a healthy and fulfilling home-cooked meal you're roasting s'mores with 15 of your closest friends over an open fire while the fire crackles and you rest your weary legs. This is the camp you've been waiting for. An authentic experience that you won't find anywhere else. 

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The Crew

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We've hand picked some of the best teachers, forest rangers, and chefs to deliver a camp experience not only to get you running some amazing trails but learn how to be prepared out in the wilderness and why we're so fortunate to have such amazing trails for you to enjoy. 

You may hear advice from renowned strength coaches, wildlife biologists, world champions, inspiring writers, wilderness first responders, and yoga gurus, all within a week.  

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What Drives Us

Each of us is driven by a different passion. Helping athletes and adventurers be comfortable in the outdoors and finding their way down a winding trail is ours. Here you'll find some of what has motivated us to start this camp and offer something truly unique to trail athletes not satisfied with the status quo.  

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